New players might get a little bit confused about different drill therefore you should start with some basic and easy drills with new players like shooting and passing drills. Your players will not be able to learn the new skills if you will start with difficult drills. The players will get expert in these drills with some practice but they need time and practice as well.

Some basic drills which every player should learn are as follows:

1 – Cut-Throat

It is a difficult drill and will help guards’ vs. guards and men vs. big men.

2 – Curl, Fade, Cut

It has medium difficulty level. It will benefit the people who are continuously moving and want to have better basket knowledge and IQ.

3 – Two-Ball Dribbling

This drilling is very important for any person who wants to improve his handling of basket ball with both the hands and off course every player will want to improve his basket ball handling skills therefore it must be necessary.

4 – Full Speed Shooting

This drill is for the people who want to shoot in a better way. You should learn this skill because during match you are continuously running and this skill will really help you to shoot better while running. Not only while running but guards should also do learn this skill for better shooting.

5 – Two Ball Passing

It is clear from the name that this drill teaches you better co-ordination with your partner. You will not be able to throw him the ball while running if you have not learnt this skill.

6 – Full Speed Dribbling

It is a very hard drill and guards should specially learn this skill. As a guard you will want to improve your dribble to pull up moves.
These are some general skill and drills but if you want to be a professional player you should learn some other skills as well.
What are Basketball Drills?

Basket ball drills are used to teach different skills to the players. This drill is mainly used for the development of the players and to teach them team work as well. Different teams have different criteria of these skills. Some teams might continuously use the same drills for the personal development of players but it is not necessary that you use the same drills all the time because the players might get bored and may not be able to learn the new skills as well.

Try using new drills from time to time so that the players do not get bored and learn new skills as well.  These drills will also help your players to improve their ball handling skills. They will learn to react and act very fast in the basketball court and during the match without losing their control and co-ordination.

There are some basic categories in which basket ball drills have been divided. These categories are further subdivided in to different types of drills and exercises. Partner drills, rebounding drills, defensive drills, ball handling and dibbing drills, passing dills, offensive drills and shooting drills are some major categories. I found that also has some great basketball drills you can check out